【‼ Eat free rice‼ 】 😋 Have you eaten? If you haven’t, come to here to try it today‼ The first free rice in Setapak, all you can eat cafe‼ 😍 At [Spaghetties cafe] in Prima Setapak, you can choose from 30 kinds of Chinese food, including sweet and sour fish fillet, creamy chicken, sweet prawns, Tom Yam seafood soup, and stir-fried vegetables. All small bowls, a bowl only costs RM2. From 90 onwards, one person can also order several bowls to eat at the same time, taste many kinds of food at once, super enjoyment😍‼

【‼吃免费米饭 ‼】 😋 你吃了吗⁉还没的话, 今天就来小碗公尝试吧‼ Setapak第一间米饭免费,任吃的cafe‼😍 就在Prima Setapak的 【Spaghetties cafe】30种中餐任你选,包括酸甜鱼片、奶油鸡丁、甘香虾、东炎海鲜汤、清炒菜,全部小小碗,一碗只从RM2.90 起,一个人也可以同时叫好几碗来吃,一次品尝多种美食,超享受😍‼#Free #Rice #Fusion #Cafe #Chinesefood #Westernfood #Smallbowl


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